Traditional Boat Squadron

Of Australia

January 2022

After a week of wild weather it was something of a novelty to be on the water and not in it for a change. A good turn out of boats met at the ramp at Lotus Bay at 10am. I managed to hitch a ride on Cormorant which is a treat - it has a lovely two stroke Blaxland-Chapman engine. Cormorant was a farm rescue and restored  - some photos below.

We fielded the following boats:

* Grey Noddy

* Electra

* Khepri

* Cormorant 

What started out as overcast, gloomy and so very very humid gave way to sunny, hot and steamy weather - but in the shade it was altogether lovely.

We were back at the ramp by 1330 - a good day out after a wet week if not summer./p>

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