Traditional Boat Squadron

Of Australia


Traditional boats in the Australian national capital - Canberra


Our goal … To foster the use, construction, restoration and public display of traditional boats and items associated therewith on a national basis.

Like many people, I am curious about, charmed and fascinated by traditional wooden boats. Part of my interest stems from a family with interests in commercial fishing and seafaring over many generations.

Old boats have many attributes. They encompass the knowledge, skills and technology that have developed over thousands of years in terms of materials (woods, metals, fastenings, paints and oils, and fibre), tools, propulsion (rowing, sail and engines), design, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, weather, and climate. 

They tell us stories about life in earlier times, reminding us of the important role that boats have played in the development and expansion of all human societies at local and global scales; whether it be basic transport of people and goods, fishing, trade, exploration, migration, defence and warfare, scientific research and navigation. Only recently have boats become a means of recreation. And each boat has a unique story to tell.

The Squadron and its members, like the many other traditional clubs in Australia and another countries, has a role in telling these stories, by restoring, maintaining and displaying our boats, or constructing new boats using traditional materials and designs.  We do this by sharing time to sail our boats, to share stories and to learn from and help each other.    

Each of us who us owns a traditional boat see ourselves as a ‘steward' who will build, maintain, and restore if necessary this boat so at the appropriate time it can be handed onto the next owner, who will have the same attitude.

If you feel likewise, please join us.


Commodore Peter Ottesen


The TBSA's constitution can be downloaded below:


TBSA History

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