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Boat Fest 2022
Hey! BoatFest 2022 will be held on Lake Burley Griffin on April 9th and 10th 2022 and we'd absolutely love it if you could come! An armada of interesting, classical and traditional boats of all sorts of shapes and sizes will be on the water or on display.

Click on the BOATFEST2022 menu item and you can find out all the details to make sure you can enjoy a great time out!

Our club is about all things to do with traditional boats - their construction, maintenance, restoration and of course enjoying them on water and other forms of public display.

We are located in Canberra - Australia's national capital - and you will find us regularly on Lake Burley Griffin and occasionally elsewhere.

Sailing days are held regularly throughout the year (see "Events"), and there are also special events on the annual calendar. 

Generally it is not possible for a private party to obtain permission to operate a power boat (other than electrically powered) on Lake Burley Griffin. However the constitution of the Squadron contains the Squadron rules for eligibility of a traditional boat. A power boat belonging to a Squadron member that satisfies these rules, and also satisfies the safety regulations of the National Capital Authority (NCA) is eligible for the issue of a permit to operate on Lake Burley Griffin.


Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in traditional boats. Members' vessels include canoes, sailing craft, rowing boats, putt putts, steam launches and internal combustion engines reminiscent of the elegant eras of times past. 

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