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My Gwen 12 – “Hot Pants”

A few years ago I acquired "Hot Pants" from the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts who were making space for new boats in their shed. It hadn't been in the water since the early 1990s and obviously needed a bit of TLC to restore it for operational use. Being undercover that whole time however meant that she was in pretty good condition and a restoration would not be too intimidating like some other projects I have seen. 

My main constraint is time - or the lack of it. Working full time and being a parent meant that getting time to work on this project was a bit of a challenge. It will be slow.

The first issue was getting the trailer registered. I knew this might be the hardest part of the project. The trailer was home-made in the 1960s and was no way going to pass a modern inspection. I took the boat & trailer to a few places in Fyshwick - they wanted nothing to do with it. Finally I took the boat to Resort Trailers - they weren't intimidated and after some too and fro I had a trailer which I registered in the ACT. 
First milestone achieved.

Gwen 12 Badge
Hot Pants

Other things I have achieved is redoing the fibreglass support for the bow-sprit. I have also started replacing the steel rigging, sheets and lines. Also many of the blocks and pulleys have been swapped out.

It's a good start but still I need to do quite a few things to ensure she's good to go on water...

I'll post updates here as I go along ... stay tuned.

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